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this page is dedicated to the lochs of scotland and will contain information on some of scotlands better known pike waters,general information will be available,directions,contact numbers etc....



loch tay is an 11 mile long loch situated about 25 miles northwest of perth and right beside aberfeldy that contains trout, seatrout,ferox,salmon,perch,roach,char and of course pike this loch was at one time heavily netted for pike and fishing suffered badly for it it looks like things may have finally turned the corner though!the biggest pike ive heard of from tay was 33lb(unfortunately caught in nets) and i have heard of pike of over 20lbs being caught on the rod i personally have not managed to catch one over 15.5lbs and this is a size that is actually pretty common on the loch but ill persevere as the big old girls are there and if you catch loch tay on a good day sport can be hectic! permits can be purchased for the cost of 5 per day or 25 per week,except in the months of november,december and april and can be bought from;
jr news,main street,killin tel:01567-820362
kenmore post office,kenmore 01887-830200
croft na caber watersports centre,kenmore,01887-831588

loch tummel is an 8 mile long loch lying about 4 miles west of pitlochry and contains trout,salmon,seatrout,perch and pike,
Pike fishing on tummel can be very hard indeed and like lomond and awe requires a bit of dedication to get any worthwhile results but catch it right and it can be rewarding permits can be purchased for 3per day from;
mitchells tackle shop,pitlochry tel:01796-472513
queens view visitor centre tel:01350-727284
tummel valley holiday park,tummel bridge tel:01882-634221

rannoch is a 15 mile long loch containing trout,seatrout,salmon,ferox,char,perch and pike rannoch is another challenging water that unfortunately has a lot of game anglers that see the pike as vermin and as such are chapping them on the head or throwing them up the bank to die when caught,but nonetheless it is still a productive pike water and every year pike of 20lb plus are caught.
permits cost 3 per day and can be purchased from;
mr r legate,glenrannoch house tel:01882-632307
dunalastair hotel,kinloch rannoch tel:01882-632323
its also worth mentioning that there is a strict no fires rule applied on the shores of rannoch........


loch arkaig is a 12 mile long loch situated about 8 miles north west of fort william and comtains plenty of wild brown trout,char,ferox and pike,
Arkaig is a popular water for piking in the highlands that produces many large pike of 20+lbs every year,permits are 4 per day and can be purchased from the following outlets
Mr yates,no2 clunes,Achnacarry tel:01379-712719 or;
the rod and gun shop,fort william,tel:01379-702656

loch cluanie is located about ten miles north of arkaig and is by the A87 roadside
as far as i know no permit is required for cluanie,

loch luichart is located about 10 miles west of dingwall near inverness and lies just off the A832 road luichart is about 5 miles long and is a productive pike water that requires no permit for pike fishing,

loch oich can be found just south of the southern tip off loch ness,oich is probably the most popular pike loch in the highlands and produces some big pike every year 20+lb and i know of one over 30lb at the moment there is no permit for piking on oich,but i think there is a no camping rule,

loch ness itself needs no directions and is a big deep loch that is by no means easy for piking but they are there!,a bit of perseverance or local knowledge pays off on this loch and as far as i know no permit is required for pike fishing,

I could go on listing waters in the highlands but there are literally hundreds of them and these are the more well known lochs and would be enough to give anyone thinking of piking in the highlands a start,

its worth mentioning that the highlands are a very game orientated country and as such salmon and trout anglers who see the pike as vermin are around in abundance and treat the pike and sometimes the pike angler with contempt,what i would say is not to be intimidated by them and carry on returning the pike whether they like it or not!!